The largest Swiss flag in the world on the Säntis!

Two birthdays, one flag

The Säntis aerial tramway celebrates its birthday on July 31, and on August 1 Switzerland celebrates the Swiss Confederation’s national holiday.

Celebrate the birthday of the Säntis aerial tramway and the national holiday with us and experience an unforgettable day on the Schwägalp Pass and the Säntis. Be there live when, for the birthday, the largest Swiss flag in the world, with an area of 6400m2, is hung on the Säntis! The flag will be hung by rope access technicians on the Säntis, which is a yearly challenge because of the weather.


The Flag

The flag measures 80 x 80 m, making it the largest hanging Swiss flag in the world. It is to be mounted on the rock of the Säntis by approximately 20 rope access technicians and ceremoniously unfurled on July 31. The 155cm-wide fabric panels were assembled in the studio of Heimgartner Fahnen AG and sewn together to make the 6400m2 flag. The 4330 linear meters of fabric and about 3500 linear meters of reinforcing straps were sewn together with a total of about 60,000 m of thread, which brings the 80 x 80 m flag, after approximately 600 man hours, to a total weight of about 700 kg.


Our gift to you:
All guests travel on July 31 at the rate of CHF 27.00 and the world’s largest Swiss flag will hang once more on the Säntis.
Depending on the state of the flag and the weather, the largest Swiss flag will also hang on the Säntis on July 31 and August 1.

Flag Trailer


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