There are many good reasons to associate yourself with a memorable event in the minds of your employees, partners, association members, suppliers, shareholders, etc.


We provide suitable programmes and spaces to help you do it. Below, we have listed detailed descriptions of all of our facilities.

Seminarraum Hungenbühl Säntis - das Hotel

«Säntis – das Hotel»

  • Schwägalp restaurant with view of Säntis (full service)
    and seating for 110
  • Chammhalde self-service restaurant
    (during peak season)
  • Schwingerstube (Swiss wrestling lounge) with seating for approx. 66 people
  • Schwägalp lounge, cosy and rustic with 50 seats
  • Sun terrace with 350 seats
  • Seminar and banquet rooms for up to 150 people

Säntis summit

  • Panorama-Restaurant with 180 seats
  • Event room «Churfirstblick» with 80 seats
  • New Terrace restaurant with 160 seats
  • Säntis Säli (Room) with 30 seats

Arvenstübli Passhöhe

Gasthaus Passhöhe

  • Arvenstübli lounge for up to 25 people
  • Restaurant with 50 seats


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