This idyllic guesthouse sits 1280 m above sea level. It is kept in a traditional, cosy Appenzeller style, making it a popular meeting place for young and old throughout the year.

The rustic Arvenstübli lounge and the large sun terrace with table service invite guests to linger and enjoy themselves.

Cuisine at a glance

Enjoy local Appenzeller and Swiss delicacies and a homely atmosphere on the Gasthaus Passhöhe in the Schwägalp.
Please note, that the Gasthaus Passhöhe will open on working days (Mo-Tu) only at good weather.

Available spaces

Full-service restaurant:
1 comfortable guest hall (50 seats) with a separate, rustic Arvenstübli lounge(25 seats) 75 seats in total
Full-service sun terrace:
Seating for 100 in total

Gastraum Passhöhe

Opening times

Friday from 5pm and
on Saturday/Sunday from 9am open

The opening hours from Monday till Thursday are weather-dependent.
For groups of 20 people or more, the Gasthaus Passhöhe will open on request.

Call us on +41 71 365 65 60 to find out more.


Gasthaus Passhöhe
c/o Säntis-Schwebebahn AG
CH-9107 Schwägalp Säntis

Tel. +41 71 365 65 60
Fax +41 71 365 65 66


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